For horse lovers not too far from the hotel there is a horse riding school. There you can enjoy riding near the beach or to the mountain. You can ride alone, or with a professional. Furthermore, for newlyweds we provide a traditional horse car with excellent white horses.


Live Thasos from above securely touching the skies in an unforgettable experience. Take off through the bright green mountain slopes, above the heaven’s beach and taste a unique flying tour of “Mediterrenean’s Carribean”. A 15-minute flight with qualified gear and instructor is an unforgettable experience!

ATV rental

One of the island’s biggest hidden treasures are the mountains and their superbly beautiful nature. Discover yourselves the exotic beaches, Psili Ammos (thin sand), Chrisi Ammouthia (Golden Sand), Scala potamias (River’s stair) live every inch of the island, the hundreds small creeks who offer privacy but also wonderful and wild nature.

Scuba diving

Bottom’s lovers can easily admire Thasos’ bottom, as they can either try alone or take scuba diving courses in one of the island’s numerous lesson centres. With certified instructors and gear prepare to meet the exciting places in the south part of the island which offer rich animal life and crystal-clear waters.


The “emerald island” waits for you to explore its coasts through one of numerous cruises and if you are lucky to sail near the dolphins which visit us all year. Meet the sketchy creeks,the breathtaking rock formations and caves. Stop in unique beaches and jump in the clear green waters for swimming and exploring.